Western Union® Netspend® Prepaid Mastercard® Mobile app5

The Western Union® Netspend® Prepaid Mastercard® Mobile app lets you:

Mobile Check Load1

Receive Western Union® money transfers2

Send money in minutes3

More than moving money

Combine the power of a Netspend® prepaid card with Western Union® worldwide money transfer.2

Get paid faster with direct deposit4

Get your paychecks, government payments, and other regular payments up to 2 days faster with Direct Deposit!4

Western Union® Money Transfers2

Send & receive Western Union® money transfers2, shop online, or pay bills8. Plus: No credit check*, late fees, or interest payments because this is not a credit card.

Western Union® Netspend® Prepaid Mastercard®

Card use is subject to activation and ID verification.*

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Wesern Union Prepaid with 4 card art options.

Direct Deposit. Get paid up to 2 days faster!4

Stop waiting in line. Get paid up to 2 days faster when your payroll or government benefits check is direct deposited to your Card Account.4

Online Account Center available on phone, tablet, and computer.

Take control of your money.

Your Western Union® Netspend® Prepaid Mastercard® is available wherever you go. Access your account info through:

  • Online Account Center
  • Mobile apps (available on Apple® or Android mobile phones)5
  • Anytime Alerts which update you through text or email5

Reward yourself with cash.

Get special offers from select merchants and get cash back rewards on those purchases.6 Or, use the Refer-a-Friend program and when your family and friends fund their Card Account with at least $40 in cash or with Direct Deposit, you could each get a $20 credit!7

Western Union® Money Transfer transactions in minutes3.

Use your card to send a Western Union® Money Transfer transaction to over 200 countries and territories, or receive a Western Union® money transfer directly onto your Card Account.2

Western Union and Netspend Partnership

Western Union® and Netspend® have teamed up to offer a powerful prepaid card: The Western Union® Netspend® Prepaid Mastercard®.

Learn more about the relationship.

Everything you need to manage your money.

Online Bill Pay

Pay your utilities, rent, loans and other bills… with simple-to-use online bill pay.8

Refer a Friend

Invite friends and family to order a new card and when they fund it with $40 in cash or from Direct Deposit, you could both get a $20 credit.7

Custom Card

Express yourself by personalizing your card with a photo of your choosing.9

Purchase Cushion

Go over your balance? No big deal. We may cover you with a $10 purchase cushion.10

Optional Savings Account

Put your money to work for you with this 5.00% Annual Percentage Yield savings account on balances up to $1,000.11

Virtual Account

Create virtual card information to keep your account number private when you shop online.12

Order your Western Union® Netspend® Prepaid Mastercard® today!

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